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Internal Tissue Marker

The VivomarkTM sterilized marker uses a biocompatible pigment for clear lines on bones and body tissue.

On wet bodily surfaces, there is minimal smudging, unlike with markers using conventional dyes.

Choose VivomarkTM for safer, more efficient, more accurate surgery.

Gentian violet-free, alcohol-free

The Vivomark™ sterilized marker is made with a biocompatible ink that marks clearly on bone and body tissue. It’s designed to work well on damp surfaces where other markers might smudge. Using the Vivomark™ can help make surgeries more precise for all OR personnel.


Vivomark™ is a sterilized, single-use pen for marking body tissues and bones. The biocompatibility has been tested in accordance with ISO 10993-1 (Biological evaluation of medical devices).

Clear lines, minimal smudging and clogging

Unlike conventional dyes used for internal marking, the special pigment in Vivomark™ allows clear lines with less smudging and clogging. The 1-mm tip provides sharp, accurate marks that help surgeons work with greater precision.

Safe, clear, precise marking for surgery

Conventional gentian violet pen

Conventional gentian violet pen


Vivomark lines

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