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Made in Japan quality, reliability, safety

Guiding light for safe surgery

The lightweight and durable koplight™ cordless surgical light retractor helps surgeons work with safety and confidence.

The koplight lighted surgical retractor from Yasui

Unmatched Quality, Never Offshored

Yasui Japan factory, ISO 14664-1 class 8/100,000 cleanroom

A history of quality ensured by domestic production

Yasui has manufactured medical device parts since the 1970s. In 2016, we branched out into medical devices and OEM manufacturing.

We are actively seeking distributors in various regions of the world and we welcome direct inquiries from physicians, other professionals, and media.

Certified for Excellence

Yasui has earned ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications. These serve as international standards of management systems, guiding our constant pursuit of quality, safety, and objectivity.

ISO 13485

Certifying our medical device manufacturing

ISO 9001

Certifying our quality management system

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Get full details on this innovative lightweight, cordless surgical koplight light retractor.

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Why Doctors Trust Us

We pursue the highest standard of quality in response to doctors’ needs. Some medical device companies cut corners to save costs. Yasui is uncompromising in offering products that are safe, durable, and make doctors more effective and precise in their work. 

Local production

Yasui medical products are designed and manufactured in Japan. This ensures full oversight of every phase of production, reducing quality inconsistencies.

Clinical oversight

The koplight™ lighted retractor was a surgeon's idea. We made it a reality. We confer with doctors on R&D and respond to doctors' needs.


Yasui's 90+ years of experience in materials development has required constant cooperation. We bring this to our customers.

Here for you

We maintain communication with distributors and physicians so doctors can use our products with maximum efficacy and skill.

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We welcome inquiries about the koplight™ and our other products and distribution. We’re actively working to expand our global network, bringing you precision-crafted devices.