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handheld retractors – Yasui koplight

Handheld Retractors: Background, Benefits, and Options

Handheld retractors are surgical devices that separate bodily tissues during surgery. Unlike larger retractors, they can be held in a …

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retractors for tracheotomy – Yasui

Tracheotomy: What Retractors Are Used?

Tracheotomy is a surgical procedure in which an incision is made into the anterior portion of the neck. Multiple surgical …

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Orthopedic surgery retractors – Yasui

Orthopedic Surgery: What Retractors Are Used?

Orthopedic surgeries use a range of surgical retractors because orthopedic surgeons deal with bones of many shapes, sizes, and constitutions. …

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Oral surgery – Yasui koplight lighted retractor

Oral Surgery: What Retractors Are Used?

Retractors used in oral surgery or dental surgery are primarily involved in moving tissue away from the surgical site to …

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retractors for breast surgery – Yasui koplight

Breast Surgery: What Retractors Are Used?

The demand for breast (mammary) surgeries continues to increase, for clinical and curative surgeries, and for cosmetic surgeries. Retractors are …

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What is a lighted retractor – Yasui, koplight

What is a Lighted Surgical Retractor?

Lighted retractors (or light retractors) are surgical tools that both separate bodily tissues and provide light inside the bodily cavity. …

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Metals are visible on imaging, while plastics show very little

How Device Materials Affect Medical Imaging

The choice of devices used during medical procedures affects imaging quality, especially when the devices block the image. Using certain …

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surgical retractors to reduce fatigue in the arms and hands

Ways to Reduce Fatigue from Using Surgical Retractors

As most surgeons and assistants know, retractors can be your best friend and your worst enemy. They make it possible …

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surgical operating light – Yasui

Benefits of LED Lighting for Surgery (Brightness and Portability)

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) enable strong light with less electricity. They help reduce our carbon footprint and improve information technologies. Their …

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Weitlaner retractor, made of metal

Metal vs. Plastic Surgical Retractors – Pros and Cons

Surgical retractors are typically made from metals or plastics. Metal retractors were the standard for a very long time, but …

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NHK World features Yasui koplight

Yasui koplight Featured on NHK

The koplight™ has been recognized not just for its efficacy in surgery but also for its overall innovation. Among Japanese …

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