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Avoid wrong-site surgery and never events

Preventing Wrong-site Surgery and “Never Events” – 6 Effective Ways

Wrong-site surgery events can have devastating consequences for patients, as well as for healthcare providers and facilities. These “never events”
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self-retaining retractor, Yasui surgery

Why Surgeons Mark Inside Patients During Surgery

Surgeons employ various types of surgical markers and dyes to mark inside patients during surgery. Internal surgical markings can demarcate
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skin marking before surgery, abdominal

7 Main Reasons Surgeons Draw on Patients Before Surgery

Drawing on or marking patients as part of pre-operative preparation plays a key role in surgical procedures. The markings serve
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surgeon marking skin during breast reduction surgery

Ways to Mark Skin and Body Tissue for Surgery

Various tools such as dyes, inks, sutures, and clips serve as skin and body tissue markers, enabling surgeons to precisely
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reducing retractor tissue trauma

Reducing Tissue Trauma from Retractors

The mechanical force needed for retractors to allow adequate retraction often significantly compresses tissues. Excessive compressive force during retraction has
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conventional handheld retractors

5 Uses for Handheld Retractors [and 1 unconventional one]

Handheld surgical retractors are one of the essential tools utilized in all surgical specialties. They let surgeons hold back the edges of
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Specialized tools for minimally invasive cardiothoracic surgery, included the Yasui koplight

Key Instruments for Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery

Minimally invasive cardiothoracic surgery has gradually revolutionized the field of cardiothoracic surgery and is well on the way to becoming
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Ferreira and Tebbetts retractor alternatives – Yasui koplight

Alternatives to Ferreira and Tebbetts Retractors for Breast Surgery

The Ferreira and Tebbetts retractors are specialized surgical retractors commonly used in breast surgery and other reconstructive procedures. While they
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problems with fiber-optic light retractors, use LED lighting

Problems with Fiber-optic Lighted Retractors for Surgery

Despite solving key problems in surgical lighting, fiber-optic lighted retractors also present problems. They’ve even been included as one of
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robotic surgery – devices for safer surgery

9 New Medical Devices for Safer Surgery

Faster postoperative recovery, low-cost production, and a safer environment for patients and surgical personnel are common goals in new medical
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Yasui koplight lighted retractor for abdominal and body contour surgery

What Retractors Are Used in Body Contour Surgery Such as Tummy Tucks?

Retractors are an essential tool in body contour plastic surgery. Unlike facial applications (read our article on facial plastic surgery
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facelift surgery retractor – Yasui koplight

What Retractors Are Used in Facial Plastic Surgery?

Retractors play a pivotal role in facial plastic and facial cosmetic surgeries, including: …among many others. Commonly used retractors used
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operating room – Yasui koplight

Problems with Surgical Retractors (and Solutions)

Surgical retractors are key surgical tools in a wide range of surgical procedures. They have been for decades, even centuries.
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handheld retractors – Yasui koplight

Handheld Retractors: Background, Benefits, and Options

Handheld retractors are surgical devices that separate bodily tissues during surgery. Unlike larger retractors, they can be held in a
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retractors for tracheotomy – Yasui

Tracheotomy: What Retractors Are Used?

Tracheotomy is a surgical procedure in which an incision is made into the anterior portion of the neck. Multiple surgical
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