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koplight™: Light Retractor for Safe and Precise Surgery

The koplight™ light retractor is a cordless (AAA battery-operated) surgical retractor that produces LED illumination. Unlike metal retractors, it directs light under and into the surgical area, without external lighting, or to enhance external operating room lighting.

The resilient, clear plastic blades of the koplight™ retractor are nonconductive and easily switched out to suit varying surgical needs. The standard blade is shorter for direct lighting, while the HT blade radiates light from the neck and tip.

This lightweight, strong, and very bright medical device helps surgeons do their work safely and efficiently. It is maneuverable and versatile in breast surgery, plastic surgery, abdominal surgery and more (see below).

koplight surgical retractor from Yasui

Tip and back of light-emitting koplight™ HT blade

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Transparent blade made of medical-grade polycarbonate, and durability that supports bodily tissues

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Tip of light-emitting koplightTM standard blade

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Screws on and is easy to replace

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Bright LED lighting and long life supported by high-capacity, rechargeable AAA batteries

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Light handle is ergonomic, lightweight, and waterproof

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Power switch and optional finger hook for secure positioning and handheld operation

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Why “koplight”?

ko means “retractor” in Japanese
plastic + light

The koplight retractor lights your way, with the flexibility and convenience of a durable, medical-grade plastic body and components.

Highly durable, safe, clear

The transparent blade is made of polycarbonate, a material used in bullet-proof glass. This naturally transparent and nonconductive plastic makes the koplight™ blade virtually unbreakable under normal operating conditions. It also aids clear visibility.

Light for the operative field

The koplight™ light handle can be loaded with large-capacity NiMH batteries to maximize its usage time. Together with its sleek optical design, koplight™ dependably and brightly illuminates the operative field.

Cordless, lightweight, maneuverable

The koplight™ light retractor only weighs 100-150 g. Battery-powered, cordless, and with a lightweight aluminum handle, it's easy for surgeons to continually grasp, maneuver, and reposition.

Satisfied users...

"We had no tools to light within the body cavity during breast augmentation, pockets, and quadrantectomy. The LED lighting provided by the koplight™ solved this. Maneuverability is also a plus, and being cordless, it places no burden on the patient."
Dr. Maria Grazia Pieraccini
Breast Surgeon, Tuscany, Italy
"I use the koplight™ in breast reconstruction and augmentation, and in many other major surgeries. It's lightweight and easy to use. Since it has no cord, the koplight™ provides an outstanding level of convenience."
Dr. Yusuke Shimizu
Professor, Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon, Japan
"We use the koplight™ during radial artery harvesting for coronary artery bypass surgery. It helps in visualizing grafts when there's small access. The LED lighting helps us visualize the graft's course and its harvesting through a minimally invasive approach."
Dr. Tiziano Torre
Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Ticino, Switzerlandy
"The koplight™ replaced previous less-adequate devices, including the Snowden-Pencer retractor. It lets me to do more procedures in one morning. It’s especially useful in breast prosthesis reconstruction. Being cordless means no burden is placed on the patient, and the LED lighting is another benefit."
Dr. Domenico Gerbasi
Breast Oncologist, Bergamo, Italy

koplight™: Clearly a Better Choice

Conventional metal retractors

Conventional surgical retractor

koplight™ light retractor

Yasui koplight Surgery

Operate with Ease and Precision

koplight™ in Different Surgeries

Breast surgery

koplight retractor for mastectomy

Thoracic/chest surgery

koplight retractor for thoracic surgery

Oral surgery

koplight retractor for oral surgery

Many other surgeries

koplight™ Blade Variations

koplight™ Blade

The koplight blade gives off light for oral surgery
koplight surgical retractor heads from Yasui
Model Code KS-1 KS-2 KS-3 KS-4 KS-5
Tip width 10 13 18 18 25
Blade length 30 30 45 59 84
Total length 139 139 139 113 113

koplight™ HT Blade

Yasui koplight handheld retractor
koplight surgical retractor heads from Yasui
Model Code KS-4H KS-5H KS-6H
Tip width 18 25 25
Blade Length 61 86 111
Total Length 122 122 122

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